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Egypt’s Melody

Egypt!!…Wow!!…What a place to visit? Once we had the opportunity to visit the country, however, sadly there were some issues and we were not able to go. Egypt is such an ancient historical place, that most people are    fond to learn about the nation. And today we will learn about something new, about which … Continue reading

Dance in China

Who does not like dancing? Mostly no one. Some like to dance and some like to enjoy other peoples’ dancing. And this becomes more interesting when we see diversity & variation, for instance diversity in traditional dances across cultures. Most of the times in news we see that China is having great economic growth and … Continue reading

India’s Spice

Umm…Indian spicy food is one of the best cultural dishes that one will ever find in the world. India’s spicy was always well-known in Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and wherever you go. I think there is no city center  where you would not find an Indian restaurant. The taste, the spice, the curry and … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia’s Glamour

Hi people, now that my semester final is over and that I can fly like a free bird now, so let’s visit the Arabian countries. So which country can we choose…umm…what about Saudi Arabia? Yes guys I think it would be a fantastic idea to visit the Arabs and experience their culture. And today we … Continue reading

Russia & Her Beauty

Being a diplomat’s daughter I had the opportunity to go around many countries both in Europe and Asia. Yet one sad thing is that we never got the chance to go to the major countries where people are crazy to go,  places like India, US, Egypt, etc. I wouldn’t say that I haven’t at all … Continue reading