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Having new hairstyles makes one new and different. Hairstyles changes personality and the way a person acts. It magically turns a person in to someone totally new and fresh. Whenever, one is depressed, they should go for a new haircut and that is the MAGIC! My mood changes totally. I feel a lot more confident … Continue reading


Hello ladies! There is now nothing to stop us from being young and wrinkle free. Now like makeup we can rub our wrinkles in seconds. We can stay young as long as we want. Revance is a wipe-on botulinum toxin that’s carried through the skin by a chemical peptide. It’s currently being tested to see … Continue reading

Yoga Diet and Yoga

Nowadays women are very conscious about their health and figure. To have a good figure is every modern woman’s goal, so is mine. People say to have a good figure people should diet, that means avoid carbohydrate or fat at all cost. But I have my own opinion and I think it is the best. … Continue reading

Tanning is Easier

People are crazy about getting tanned and for this what don’t they do? They lie on the sun for hours to get a browner skin. I don’t know what specialists say about this but I feel that it might not be good for the body and skin to get exposed to the sun’s radiation for … Continue reading

Women coloured in RED

Some time back, I used to see people using mostly light makeup and personally I am also fond of it. Especially, I prefer the nude colour. Anything nude colour, may it be, makeup, or nail paints, or shoes, I love them. They go so well with one’s complexion. Nude coloured make up, I consider to … Continue reading