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Today’s favourite – CHARM NECKLACES

Charm necklaces are perfect for young or even middle aged women. It can be worn for casual wear and as well as to small parties. They are very womanish, delicate, sweet and stylish. Today people are wearing them more often and it’s available mostly in every jwellery store. The miniatures and the nameplates they add … Continue reading

Hats back in Time & Fashion

We see in old movies that women of aristocratic families used to wear elegant hats of various designs and colours. But now it is no more in fashion. It has come back in this 2013 again, the fashion of wearing hats. 4 days back I was in Athens and for the spring I saw women … Continue reading

My friend’s iPhone cases

Dear friends, in the iPhone cases blog I have promised that I will post one of my friend’s iPhone cases, well finally the time has come to keep my promise. So check out the pictures below. She has numerous of them of different colours and designs. I think she should open a store, definitely she … Continue reading

Rose Gold Watches for Women

Can you believe watches are now made of gold and silver? Yes it is partially true; now like jewelries women can wear their watches to offices and parties, yet, there is a YET, the type of metal that is used for these watches is formed when copper is alloyed with gold and sometimes referred to … Continue reading

Fashion iPad Cases

I prefer cases that have a formal and expensive look. It might look girlish but there should be an extent to it. The colours I mostly prefer for cases will be beige; white, off-white and pink is not bad too. There are many who use cases designed into cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, I … Continue reading

Bags in Fashion

Bags are an important part in today’s fashion. Without bags one’s outfit seems to be incomplete. Yet if you ask me, then I would say, the fancy type of bags we used to see before is no more here. The small and designed bags that I used to see my mum using are no more … Continue reading