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India’s Spice

Umm…Indian spicy food is one of the best cultural dishes that one will ever find in the world. India’s spicy was always well-known in Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and wherever you go. I think there is no city center  where you would not find an Indian restaurant. The taste, the spice, the curry and … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia’s Glamour

Hi people, now that my semester final is over and that I can fly like a free bird now, so let’s visit the Arabian countries. So which country can we choose…umm…what about Saudi Arabia? Yes guys I think it would be a fantastic idea to visit the Arabs and experience their culture. And today we … Continue reading

Russia & Her Beauty

Being a diplomat’s daughter I had the opportunity to go around many countries both in Europe and Asia. Yet one sad thing is that we never got the chance to go to the major countries where people are crazy to go,  places like India, US, Egypt, etc. I wouldn’t say that I haven’t at all … Continue reading

Books recently bought

Today I will like to share 2 books with you that my sister has currently. She has done her bachelors on English literature, so she has a collection of English novels. Three books that she bought recently are: She is fond of novels on romance, novels based on reality, novels where women are the main … Continue reading

Best Sellers 2013

After writing a lot about fashion and beauty, I thought of writing something different and fun. And it is also a good way to diverting my readers’ attention to something new and knowledgeable. First let me ask you about your hobbies? Definitely everyone of us have our own hobbies. Some may like to watch movies, … Continue reading


Having new hairstyles makes one new and different. Hairstyles changes personality and the way a person acts. It magically turns a person in to someone totally new and fresh. Whenever, one is depressed, they should go for a new haircut and that is the MAGIC! My mood changes totally. I feel a lot more confident … Continue reading

Today’s favourite – CHARM NECKLACES

Charm necklaces are perfect for young or even middle aged women. It can be worn for casual wear and as well as to small parties. They are very womanish, delicate, sweet and stylish. Today people are wearing them more often and it’s available mostly in every jwellery store. The miniatures and the nameplates they add … Continue reading


Hello ladies! There is now nothing to stop us from being young and wrinkle free. Now like makeup we can rub our wrinkles in seconds. We can stay young as long as we want. Revance is a wipe-on botulinum toxin that’s carried through the skin by a chemical peptide. It’s currently being tested to see … Continue reading

Hats back in Time & Fashion

We see in old movies that women of aristocratic families used to wear elegant hats of various designs and colours. But now it is no more in fashion. It has come back in this 2013 again, the fashion of wearing hats. 4 days back I was in Athens and for the spring I saw women … Continue reading

My friend’s iPhone cases

Dear friends, in the iPhone cases blog I have promised that I will post one of my friend’s iPhone cases, well finally the time has come to keep my promise. So check out the pictures below. She has numerous of them of different colours and designs. I think she should open a store, definitely she … Continue reading