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A Love Story Build-A-Page Mini Album

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Priyanka Chopra – Exotic ft. Pitbull

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Herve L. Leroux Couture

Herve L. Leroux has become one of the red carpets this year. And his outfits are one of a kind and are meant to be on the red carpets. They are classy and as well as feminine, exquisite and elegant. Something that you should try when going to formal parties. You will be sure to … Continue reading

Blumarine on the Red Carpet

Blumarine dresses are one of my favourite and this is what Bella Thorne wore at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It is a pretty Blumarine nude mini dress with 3D floral embellishments and a sheer yoke and sleeves. Have a glance at it: Here are some other blumarine dresses: More on: http://www.fashionhaunt.com

Vintage Inspired Look

The ’50s and ’60s’ fashion is back. And it is back on the red carpet. Lana Del Rey with her vintage-inspired fashion sense attended the premiere of The Great Gatsby during the Cannes Film Festival in a Lena Hoschek gown. So, here she is: If you are a fan of vintage clothes & accessories, check out these ones and … Continue reading

Egypt’s Melody

Egypt!!…Wow!!…What a place to visit? Once we had the opportunity to visit the country, however, sadly there were some issues and we were not able to go. Egypt is such an ancient historical place, that most people are    fond to learn about the nation. And today we will learn about something new, about which … Continue reading

Tips to sell your fashion online in FashionHaunt:

Selling your own fashions online can be a lucrative endeavor provided that you market your merchandise in a manner that attracts a wide customer base. The most effective ways to generate interest in your fashions are to display photographs of each product and write accompanying descriptions on your store website. When your customers have a … Continue reading

The World of Fashion

Fashion is ubiquitous. No matter where you go, you will see fashion everywhere. To tell the truth, today people cannot think of going out without being fashionable. Regardless, how small or big or how informal or formal the place is, one has to look fashionable. I always knew that educational institutions are a pure place … Continue reading

A Legendary Love Story of Bangladesh: Mathiner Kup (Mathin’s Well):Teknaf, Bangladesh

Among the many legendary love stories in Bangladesh, the tale of Mathin, a tribal princess, is very famous in one of the coastal cities of Bangladesh, called Teknaf, the last town in the southern most part of Bangladesh. Teknaf is a nearby city of Myanmar. It is an old city, originated back in the middle of … Continue reading

Dance in China

Who does not like dancing? Mostly no one. Some like to dance and some like to enjoy other peoples’ dancing. And this becomes more interesting when we see diversity & variation, for instance diversity in traditional dances across cultures. Most of the times in news we see that China is having great economic growth and … Continue reading