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Egypt’s Melody

Egypt!!…Wow!!…What a place to visit? Once we had the opportunity to visit the country, however, sadly there were some issues and we were not able to go. Egypt is such an ancient historical place, that most people are    fond to learn about the nation.

And today we will learn about something new, about which randomly people want to know about. Today we will experience the melody of Egypt.

Folk and roots revival:

This piece of information is fun to know, that, the Egyptians used their own teeth as instruments using which they would make tapping noises and would use special plucks to make interesting and additional noises with their teeth. One such music is Sawahli, that is sung by two well-known singers, named, Abdo’l Iskandrani and Aid el-Gannirni.



Coptic music is the music of the Coptic Church. It consists mainly chanted hymns in rhythm with instruments such as cymbals (hand and large size) and the triangle.


Saidi (Upper Egyptian):

Egyptian musicians from Upper Egypt, play a form of folk music called saidi (Upper Egyptian). Metqal Qenawi’s Les Musiciens du Nil are the most popular saidi group, and were chosen by the government to represent Egyptian folk music abroad.



Nubians are native to the south of Egypt and northern Sudan, though many live in Cairo and other cities. Nubian folk music can still be heard, but migration and intercultural contact with Egyptian and other musical genres have produced new innovations.



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