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Tips to sell your fashion online in FashionHaunt:

Selling your own fashions online can be a lucrative endeavor provided that you market your merchandise in a manner that attracts a wide customer base. The most effective ways to generate interest in your fashions are to display photographs of each product and write accompanying descriptions on your store website. When your customers have a firm understanding of how your fashions look and function as part of an ensemble, they will be tempted to buy from you and become repeat shoppers. The following tips can help you in marketing your fashions online with eye-catching photographs and compelling product descriptions.

Post High Quality Images

In order to showcase your fashions properly, use a high quality camera to capture each image and review your work carefully before uploading it to your website. Ensure that each image is in focus and highlights the best attributes of your designs. You will have difficulty marketing your products to potential buyers if your photographs are blurry, grainy and visually unattractive. If you have the budget, consider enlisting a professional photographer to help bring your fashions to life.

Show Products from All Angles

When offering jewelry, clothing and other fashion-oriented items on a store website, you should take the time to photograph each item from multiple angles. Customers will appreciate being able to see all of the features that your products offer. For example, if you are marketing a summer dress, include a view of the front, back and sides as well as up-close views of the top and skirt. This way, visitors to your online store can clearly see the length, cut, fastenings and other specifications of the dress. Website features that allow a viewer to “zoom in” or “zoom out” on pictures are highly beneficial.

Use Live Models

Because your customers will be wearing your fashions, using live models in your website pictures is always a good marketing strategy. Ask people whom you know to model your merchandise so that buyers can gain a sense of how an item will look when displayed on their person. If you are unable to find models and must photograph your fashions on their own, set the pieces against a smooth, light-colored background so that they stand out in your pictures.

Write SEO-Friendly Descriptions

The text that describes your fashions can be a great marketing asset if you use some simple SEO (search engine optimization) practices to draw people to your online store.

Be Engaging and Informative

When writing your product descriptions, it helps to use a variety of colorful adjectives to market your designs.




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