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A Legendary Love Story of Bangladesh: Mathiner Kup (Mathin’s Well):Teknaf, Bangladesh

Among the many legendary love stories in Bangladesh, the tale of Mathin, a tribal princess, is very famous in one of the coastal cities of Bangladesh, called Teknaf, the last town in the southern most part of Bangladesh. Teknaf is a nearby city of Myanmar. It is an old city, originated back in the middle of early twentieth century. It was habitated by the tribal community called Rakhaine. The tale of Mathin involves this community and one of the police force members of ruling English people at that time. Below is the “Stone of Mathine’s Kup” (Mathin’s well) heritage site.


The tale begins from the time when the police force member, named Dheeraj, met Mathin near a well, located in the premise of Dheeraj’s police station and where normally local girls fetch water from. It was one day when Dheeraj noticed few smiling girls fetching water from that well and instantly liked one girl, it was love at first sight. This girl was Mathin, the Rakhaine princess.

Gradually, as time passed, both of them got to know each other, became very intimate and started having a relation. This relation finally lead to the decision of their marriage and everything was happening according to their will and happiness. The local arranged everything for their marriage, when Dheeraj had to leave. Dheeraj’s family who lived in the city and were more prosperous from Mathin’s family, did not give their consent for the marriage and one day Dheeraj had to leave Mathin when learning about his father’s ill health. Dheeraj decided to go, but Mathin did not want him to go.

That was the last time that they saw each other. Dheeraj never came back and on the other hand, Mathin fell sick, as she promised to fast till she gets her Dheeraj back. She used to sit beside the well, where she met her Dheeraj the first time, waiting for him. Her fast continued and finally, it was beside the well that she took her last breath. This is how Mathin’s love story was and her sacrifice made her love a legend. Below are the pictures of the well.

IMG_3134 IMG_3133



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