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Dance in China

Who does not like dancing? Mostly no one. Some like to dance and some like to enjoy other peoples’ dancing. And this becomes more interesting when we see diversity & variation, for instance diversity in traditional dances across cultures.

Most of the times in news we see that China is having great economic growth and soon people will be rushing to China for trade and for other means. We receive news about how the great country is doing internationally. Yet, how much do we learn about the country and understand it from an inner perspective. How much do we actually get to learn about the people, their feelings, their cultural values, their tradition and much more.

Thus, today we will grab the chance to see China from a different view and that is, “China’s traditional Dances”.


Dragon Dance- It is probably the most famous dance of China which dated from 1970’s. It is mostly done during festive celebrations. The reason for the dance’s popularity is that because they have a strong believe that the Dragon Dance is from the descendants of Shennong, the legendary first king of the Chinese people who taught them agriculture, law and medicine, the foundations of civilization.


Lion Dance- Another popular category of Chinese dance, that we most often see on media. In these dances performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume. Here, the practice is that, there will be only 2 people operating the dance and they will not be seen, as they will be inside the lion.

folk1 confucius-center-dance-lightbox-2008-10

Chinese Folk Dance- I feel Chinese folk dances are the best and it is spectacular. It is something that people should see. It is something unique and entertaining. It started from the time of ancestors and it was performed in the believe that their God will be pleased on them and reward them with a good harvest or with a good hunt, since the earliest Chinese folk dances were performed by hunter-gatherer folk.

Other types of Chinese daces are: Feather Fan Dance, Traditional Chinese Ribbon Dance, Ribbon Dance, Silk Fan Dance, Sword Dance.

fan dance 5739998edd66ff131f0ab4df2147d543 Chinese_Ribbon_Dance_by_CeruleanLynx chinese_ribbon_dance feather-fan-dance-n2-china-china+1152_12909123800-tpfil02aw-10075


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