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India’s Spice

Umm…Indian spicy food is one of the best cultural dishes that one will ever find in the world. India’s spicy was always well-known in Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and wherever you go. I think there is no city center  where you would not find an Indian restaurant. The taste, the spice, the curry and the Basmati rice have been and will always be a delight for the tongue.

Having a similar culture to India’s tradition, I too have a great appeal on Indian food and some of the must have foods that one should have are:


Butter Chicken:  The chicken is marinated overnight with yoghurt and spice mixture and ten cooked with a special Makhani sauce made of Butter, tomato puree and various spices that gives the dish its butter flavor. It is one of the most popular dishes among non vegetarians for the Punjabis of both India and Pakistan.


Vindaloo & Rogan Josh: I never had this dish before, but Indians say that this is one of their favourite dishes. But we Bangladeshis have a similar curry to this, as shown on the right. The dish is basically a gravy curry dish of Lamb goat or other meats.


Biryani: You can either have this in a veg or non-veg form. Biryani is a Basmati rice cooked with spices, rice and meat (lamb, beef, mutton), fish, eggs or vegetables. Is a very popular dish all over the Indian subcontinent.


Tandoori Chicken: This is something that most people, all over the world, should have tasted. The chicken dish is marinated in yoghurt and seasoned with tandoori masala. Tandoori chicken is a highly popular Indian dish, traditionally cooked in Tandoor (clay oven). When I was back at home, my mum used to make his often for a change of taste. You can either have this with biryani or even with naan bread.


Idli-Dosa-Vada with Sambar: It’s a popular dish in both Pakistan and India. It is more famous in South India as breakfast. The dish is made of fermented black lentils and rice accompanied with sambar (a vegetable stew or chowder based made with toor dal and tamarind). 

Few days back we had a birthday party with our friends in an Indian restaurant. I will like to share some of the pictures of that day. I am sure you will like it.

DSC00405 DSC00406 DSC00407 DSC00408 DSC00410 DSC00411

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