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Having new hairstyles makes one new and different. Hairstyles changes personality and the way a person acts. It magically turns a person in to someone totally new and fresh. Whenever, one is depressed, they should go for a new haircut and that is the MAGIC! My mood changes totally. I feel a lot more confident and fashionable.

Besides it’s a good way to surprise friends with a ‘NEW YOU’ and a good tactic in charming your boyfriend. And when summer is coming, I think it is the best time that you should experiment different hairstyles and get ready to look sexy and attractive for the summer.

I normally do the layer cut style and I think it suits my face a lot. The picture below is me from the back. I didn’t go to the parlour for a longtime, so it has grown pretty long and the cut is not too visible.


31D5135754EF53F2573772B1E1A69_h400_w225_m2_bblack_q99_p99_clERomVDj A1C3BEBE125EA5D87997EF8879913_h400_w225_m2_bblack_q99_p99_caRlDvphL B71DF6CA625F425F60BDE6F2FE54_h400_w225_m2_bblack_q99_p99_ctFHIlkdP BBA889693672B05C21DE982F268337_h400_w225_m2_bblack_q99_p99_cRHHRbdyM D0986623BA69CF447737CE479AB892_h296_w526_m2_bblack_q99_p99_cvEWJNZUI



3 thoughts on “The MUST HAVE HAIR STYLES for SUMMER 2013

  1. Nice

    Posted by Raj Malhaotra | May 17, 2013, 6:37 pm

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