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Fashion iPad Cases

I prefer cases that have a formal and expensive look. It might look girlish but there should be an extent to it. The colours I mostly prefer for cases will be beige; white, off-white and pink is not bad too.

There are many who use cases designed into cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, I really have a strong revulsion about those. It is so childish…eh! Yet everyone has their own taste and choices about which we should not be so judgmental about. There are some that have glitters and stones in it, among which I might like some.

This basically depends on the person who will buy the case. Because, as a lady, I would not of course buy something with cartoon characters on it. But a teenager might be excited about having one.


These ones above are very much in fashion now, yet these are not my type. The designs look silly to me. But as I said many people are fond of them and they keep changing their cases every week. I have a friend, in my university, from Philippines, who like changing her iPhone case every now and then and I am sure she will love to have the pink one above…funny! But anyway she is only 16…Next time if I have the opportunity I will upload photos of her cases.

fashion-ipad-cases-1-896176_H160828_L[1] fashion-ipad-cases-2-896176_H160833_L[1] fashion-ipad-cases-3-896176_H160837_L[1]fashion-ipad-cases-4-896176_H160842_L[1]

From the ones above that are in current fashion now to use, I would love to have the one with half checks and half blue and the deep red one. The half checks and blue might be a bit too girlish but at least not childish. It has feminine look and all in all it is cute. Someone of mid 20s can use it. And the red one is totally feminine and has glamour in it. It resembles a lady on the red carpet. LOL!!!

Cases are fun. It tells a lot about you, depending on the type of cases you use. If it’s pink or cartoony, it says that you are still girlish and you have not grown up yet. If you use something that is nude or off-white in colour, it might mean that you are like to say formal. Or if you use something like rose red or sea blue that it might mean that you like to have glamour around you.



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