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Beauty Trends

Women coloured in RED

Some time back, I used to see people using mostly light makeup and personally I am also fond of it. Especially, I prefer the nude colour. Anything nude colour, may it be, makeup, or nail paints, or shoes, I love them. They go so well with one’s complexion. Nude coloured make up, I consider to be the best. Even if you have heavy makeup, it would not be visible, yet, one’s skin will look smooth, fresh and give a extra glaze.

However, now people are crazy to use re makeup, especially red lipstick. And I would not at all say that red is too bright and ruins the whole makeup. Rather I would agree that red looks gorgeous, makes a woman look more ‘SEXY & SEDUCTIVE’!!! And yes I call it SEDUCTIVE because, the intention of using red lipstick is to make one’s lips appear big and plumper.

Let’s look at some snaps of some celebrities with RED on their lips:

images Camilla_Belle_Red_Lipstick[1] hbz-makeup-trend-ss13-red-lips-Burberry-lgn meganfox-classic-1 Red-Lipstick-1



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