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Checks and Stripes

For designs I will like something classical and a semi-formal look. Yet, people seemed to have a big craze about checks and stripes nowadays. Even celebrities today are wearing a lot of checks and stripes. Samantha Rayner wears a checked Louis Vuitton dress with 3/4 sleeves worn over red and white striped shirt with longer sleeves in a photo shoot by Chris Nicholls for Fashion Magazine’s May 2013.


I however, love the way they combine the colours in these striped dresses. The most common colours used are red, black and white. Red is always gorgeous and all time women’s favourite and with the stripes and squares it also creates a type of eye illusion. And if the red is paired with two other bright colours, such as, black and white, the whole outfit becomes more magical and elegant.

But for some these colours, especially black and white might seemed to be dull, so for them I think you can experiment with bright yellow and orange stripes together, or, sapphire blue and deep violet, or even beige and maroon. I think these colours together will be wonderful.

Let’s see what other checked and striped clothes are offered:

25-250x250 300_2514039 checks-polkas-stripes il_340x270.444031160_hcrc images




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