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Fabrics, Designs, Colours, Laces – DRESSES

What do you think of dresses? According to me they are fantastic!! May it be long or short, they all are fabulous and really makes a woman stand out. Their colours and designs give a new angle to your look. And they are so gorgeously done, based on various kinds of occasions. For the spring and summer, for example, the dresses will be short, very colourful and made with thin materials that will keep you comfortable during a hot season.

I bought a dress 2 weeks back from Stradivarius. It is magenta in colour and with simple black prints. It is nothing so special, but its colour, cut and design made it cute enough to buy.


I think the dress suited me a lot, although I am a bit plump, it did not look awkward on me. And because the dress is loose at the middle, one’s tummy would not be protruding out so vividly.

In this year, in America, the dresses most in fashion are baby dolls [courtesy-Paris Hilton]; kimono sleeves dresses, shirt dresses, wrap dresses, jersey dresses and many more. And the amazing this is that these dresses can be wore anytime, whether it is day or night.



I am fond of these kimono sleeves dresses. They are in fashion ad also very ladylike. And one can wear them bottomless, or with skin tights as the lady is wearing or even with jeans that are tightly fitted with ones legs.

Blouses are also in demand a lot. Blouses with puff sleeves blouse, ruching, graphics prints and kimono sleeves are all very popular among American women this spring.


These puff sleeve blouses are my favourite too. It is actually a bit Asian too. In Asia, we have a type of blouse that we wear with sarees and those have this puff sleeves.

Printed pintuck tie-neck blouse - white graphic

I bought a blouse this year on summer sale from Pull and Bear, which everyone liked when they saw it. The design on the blouse made it unique. The part on the chest was designed with laces, stones and pearls. I did not find the picture online, so I am posting my own here.


It is not very clear, but this is how it looks more or less.



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