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The Oriental Fashion World

Today’s Western fashion is being influenced a lot by the Asian world. As an Asian myself, I feel that the two parts of the world is combining into one. Wherever I go, whether it is Jason Wu, Dries Van Noten or even Osman, I see oriental colour and designs now. It not only gives uniqueness to it but also glamour. Now that summer is coming many brand stores are coming up with oriental designs for women. Lets check out the pictures below:


The middle part of the dress gave the whole attire a gorgeous look with the Asian design in it. It is something different than what the west normally sees and anyone can stand out in a group with this outfit. I personally feel this outfit will make a good choice for anyone who is fashion conscious, but something that will not make me purchase this is because of its upper part black part that extends from the collar. However the outfit is lovely with its oriental details. 


One of the most popular fashions of this year is the embroidered bomber jacket that might be inspired from Ryan Gosling’s scorpion bomber in the movie Drive. The birds on the jacket are one of the most common Asian designs that people put on their clothes. All in all, I think that although the jacket might look a bit masculine, the design has brought back its femininity, balancing the jacket’s look. The skirt that the lady wore, complements that jacket, making the whole outfit captivating. 


Not only dresses but shoes are also making a big part of women’s fashion and oriental design has not let it go untouched. These styles of shoes are inspired from the Japanese, which is known as Kabuki platformed shoes which was seen in Marni’s fall 2012 shoe collection. Its silk sashes give its oriental look. I like the colour combination here of black and red and although the shoes are meant for fall, I consider it as a good choice for the summer as well for its bright colour. Besides it is open like a sandal that will make it comfortable to wear in the hot season.



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