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Fashion in the Street

When we talk about fashion trends, we should better look at London. London being a city of different cultural people has different fashion in mind. We will see that people have their own fashion icons and use every possible way to follow their style.

Is not it fun to see each and every single people with different fashion in the street? It will be like a open fashion show in the street. Besides, you can also learn and get ideas from them of how to look fashionable. By watching these people you will get new ideas and start becoming creative yourself in spicing yourself up.

So let’s check out what people are up to and what they have to say in the streets of London.


This girl has her skirt New Look, her coat, shoes and necklace from Top Shop and her bag from Mulberry.  I think she looks fabulous in this style. I liked the colour and design of her coat. It looks casual cute and warm. And the style of her bag is very much in fashion now. People nowadays like to carry big bags, which are both very handy and fashionable.

Her fashion advice for everyone is, “Wear your best clothes every day, because you only live once!”


This girl is wearing a skirt, shirt, necklace from Topshop, a jacket bought from Vintage, shoes from Linzi and bag from River Island. The skirt and shirt looks very formal to me and I feel it gives a sophisticated look to a woman.

When she was asked about her style icon, she said, “Rita Ora – I like the way she puts things together like mixing vintage stuff with high street fashion.” And we can see it from her outfit, the way she combined modern and vintage together.


Here, the top and the bag is from River Island, shoes are from Topshop and the jacket from Vintage. These clothes have a very casual look. it is suitable for light cold and also good for going to a casual get together.

The girl’s biggest everyday fashion influence is, “My friends and the people around me inspire me. My friend and I often share clothes.”

Reference: http://www.sofeminine.co.uk/fashion/album909761/london-street-style-april-2013-0.html



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