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Women coloured in RED

Some time back, I used to see people using mostly light makeup and personally I am also fond of it. Especially, I prefer the nude colour. Anything nude colour, may it be, makeup, or nail paints, or shoes, I love them. They go so well with one’s complexion. Nude coloured make up, I consider to … Continue reading

Checks and Stripes

For designs I will like something classical and a semi-formal look. Yet, people seemed to have a big craze about checks and stripes nowadays. Even celebrities today are wearing a lot of checks and stripes. Samantha Rayner wears a checked Louis Vuitton dress with 3/4 sleeves worn over red and white striped shirt with longer … Continue reading

Bags in Fashion

Bags are an important part in today’s fashion. Without bags one’s outfit seems to be incomplete. Yet if you ask me, then I would say, the fancy type of bags we used to see before is no more here. The small and designed bags that I used to see my mum using are no more … Continue reading

Fabrics, Designs, Colours, Laces – DRESSES

What do you think of dresses? According to me they are fantastic!! May it be long or short, they all are fabulous and really makes a woman stand out. Their colours and designs give a new angle to your look. And they are so gorgeously done, based on various kinds of occasions. For the spring … Continue reading

Short and Formal

Hello Girls out there!! There is special news waiting for you all. The days are over when we have to wear formal and long. Now it is the women’s world and we have all the opportunities to show and flourish our beauty. Now no longer is the days when we have to follow those mundane … Continue reading

Fashion in the Street

When we talk about fashion trends, we should better look at London. London being a city of different cultural people has different fashion in mind. We will see that people have their own fashion icons and use every possible way to follow their style. Is not it fun to see each and every single people … Continue reading

Heels and Women

Shoes, a symbol of fashion. Shoes are a necessary part of our outfit and the more it goes with our personality and style, the more fulfillments we receive. Stilettos are no more here; nowadays it is more popular and comfortable to wear heels of 2 to 3 inches high. So, what did the fashion world … Continue reading

The Oriental Fashion World

Today’s Western fashion is being influenced a lot by the Asian world. As an Asian myself, I feel that the two parts of the world is combining into one. Wherever I go, whether it is Jason Wu, Dries Van Noten or even Osman, I see oriental colour and designs now. It not only gives uniqueness … Continue reading

LEATHER: The Symbol of Aristocracy

Leather being the symbol of aristocracy has again come back in fashion. It is now one of the latest fashion trends and is being used a lot for this year’s Spring-Summer fashion. It’s fancy, exquisite and detailed work has brought leather back to limelight. I feel leather products; can be used by both young adults … Continue reading